Dewberry Virtual Town Halls




Dewberry, a nationwide firm of planning, design and construction professionals, needed to develop their strategy for the next five years. Instead of doing so in a vacuum, leadership wanted to get feedback from the entire organization so they would be sure to tap the wisdom and ideas of the entire organization. But they didn’t want to spend millions of dollars to bring everyone together face-to-face. So they called on Covision to help run a series of virtual, company-wide town halls.

From their headquarters in Virginia, leadership broadcast their thoughts and ideas about the next five years while the entire company (some there in the room face-to-face, some watching online in small groups in conference rooms throughout the country, and others from their desks at home) listened and participated by asking questions on proposed strategies and brainstorming on questions posed by the speakers. This way every single participant was able to participate.


By helping top leadership identify key issues standing in their way, Covision was able to help Dewberry develop a 5 year strategy through a process that involved the entire organization, thereby ensuring alignment and buy-in.



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