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Fortune 500 Global Manufacturing Company


Covision has been supporting the global manufacturing organization of a large, multi-national Fortune 500 company as they work through leadership issues and a restructuring of the organization. 

The company is doing very well and has the best line up of new and upcoming products in their industry. When we got involved with them the leadership was dealing with at few different issues. There had been a major breakdown at one of the manufacturing sites where cover-up and silence had become a cultural norm. The organization was going through the planning process for major structural change. And there was an emerging lack of trust between the senior leaders and the extended leadership team, where the extended team felt that there wasn’t enough transparency and alignment amongst the senior team — which made it difficult to establish consistency in making decisions. 

Covision’s Approach

Over the last 2 ½ years Covision has supported most of the top leadership meetings within the organization. These have included: the three meetings of the top 175 members of the Extended Leadership Team, many of the extended leadership meetings for the individual organizations within the manufacturing organization, and special leadership meetings for the senior leadership team and the heads of the manufacturing sites.

All of these meetings have utilized small group conversations, integrated through Covision’s software and synthesizing process, to explore the different challenges facing the organization and to create and hone the solutions for going forward. 

“From an OD perspective, our partnership with Covision has been at the heart of the organizational development work we have been doing. It helps us create more participation. People can see that they have an opinion that matters. Leaders have access and insight. People feel a different sense of citizenship in the organization.”
Head of OD for Global Manufacturing


"The quality issues have been brought under control and the focus has shifted to expanding the practices and mindset of engrained quality throughout the company, not just within manufacturing. The initial decisions have been made on the restructuring, and the extended leadership group feels that they have been included in the crafting of the new direction. And, in combination with a good amount of individual work by the senior leadership team, the feeling has turned around within the extended leadership team, so that there is a sense of trust in the senior leaders, a sense of transparency in the relationship with them, and a sense that the senior leaders are aligned in what they are asking from the rest of the organization.”
“As a result of Covision’s work with the manufacturing organization, Covision has now also supported a meeting for the top 250 leaders of the Product Development organization, the top leadership meeting two years now for the Global Procurement organization, and we are starting to work with the HR organization.”
Head of OD for Global Manufacturing
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