Virtual Events

Doing events online is our new reality. At Covision, we deliver online events using the same platform as the eventapp so that all content and webinars are available on the web as well as on mobile devices.

We have dynamic, branded modules that provide for live broadcasts with live polling and moderated Q&A so that your virtual event is engaging and impactful. And after the event, the software can be used as a continued gathering place where you can continue to connect and engage with participants and they can network and collaborate with each other.


Virtual Event Attributes

  • Single platform for web and mobile access

  • Video broadcast & Chat room capabilities

  • Live polling and Q&A

  • Surveys

  • Libraries

  • Networking tools


Leadership & Strategy

Meetings in which stakeholders are discussing a company's strategies are arguably the most important a company will have. At Covision, we marry meeting design, process, and engagement technology to help you capitalize on these critical meetings and exceed your objectives.

You take the time and money to gather the top of your organization together. You create dialogue around the direction and vision of your company, and communicate and push forward the latest initiatives. It’s an opportunity to build alignment and buy-in, to tap the wisdom of the group, to generate solutions to issues, and to increase engagement and accountability at the very top.

We help you deliver deeply interactive and collaborative meetings. We provide the latest technologies that make achieving your highest-level goals easy and efficient.


What Can We Do For Your Leadership Meeting?


Build Alignment & Buy-in

After presenting a new initiative, use our fast feedback cycle technology to measure alignment immediately. With our technology you can theme and synthesize questions and issues as they come in, allowing you to be on top of what needs to be addressed and respond in real-time. This way you’re waiting less than the duration of a single session for results instead of weeks and months.


Tap the Wisdom of the Group

Often in meetings you can miss the opportunity to have participants learn from each other. Use our discussion boards or areas of expertise modules as well as our engagement tools to have participants share their knowledge and expertise with each other.  

Some of Our Senior Leadership Clients:
Texas Instruments


Solution Creation

You’ve gathered your top leadership in one room — so why not have them work on solutions to some of the issues facing your organization? Present the issue in detail to the group and have them work with their colleagues in small groups to brainstorm solutions. As they do, they’ll enter those ideas into the Covision software, allowing you to instantly see and encourage the best ones with our theming, polling, and other tools.


Sales Conferences

Your sales team comes to your annual sales conference to learn about the latest products, methodologies, and goals they need to know in order to be effective in the field. Typically you’ll spend a few days giving speeches, conducting small-scale assessments, and crossing your fingers that what you’re teaching is actually being learned.

No more. With Covision, you will leverage a blend of our innovative processes and cutting edge event technology to create a highly engaging and interactive sales conference. You’ll see deepened participant learning and engagement and real-time analytics showing the meeting’s overall effectiveness.

At a Covision sales conference, real-time data and responses cut down on confusion, networking and cohort learning is encouraged, and your team is prepared to return to work more knowledgeable, aligned, and ready to have a banner year.


Quizzes: Use quizzes, surveys, and polling to assess participants and make sure that they’re learning what they need to learn.

Q&A: Our moderated Q&A allows participants to ask questions during sessions. These can be answered in real-time or themed and responded to later. 

Competition: Salespeople love a good rivalry. Gather scores from quizzes and other activities and have teams compete against each other while increasing their engagement and learning.

Detailed & Personalized Agendas: With breakouts, regional meetings, and a host of general sessions, agendas at sales meetings can be complex. Our agenda tools will help you organize this down to table and seat assignments.


Networking: Use technology to catalyze networking and bring the team closer together. We have many different processes and fun games that will bring people together not just to connect, but to learn from each other.

Cohort Learning: Many meetings are taught from the front of the room and fail to provide a way for participants to learn from each other. Use our discussion boards and activity feeds to get participants to engage on a deeper level, sharing their skills and ideas.

Content Distribution: Use our conference app to distribute presentations, white papers, and other important information participants need.


Mergers & Acquisitions

It’s natural for people to feel unsettled after a merger or acquisition. Employees are wondering “What will my place be in the new company? Will our visions align? Will there be a culture clash? Is my job safe?” Meanwhile, leadership is thinking, “How do we do this smoothly and effectively? How do we get people from the new company and the old working together quickly? How do we communicate and align our vision and strategies?”

Your first meeting after the merger is the perfect opportunity for you to answer all of these questions and create an engaged, healthy, and effective new organization.

At Covision, we provide the meeting design and technology to make that meeting a wild success. We know how to structure interactive, collaborative exercises that will fit seamlessly into your agenda. Questions and issues will be resolved, and participants will walk out of the meeting feeling secure, aligned, and excited to execute in their new roles.

confidence check icon2.png

Confidence Check

You need to build confidence on both sides during a merger meeting, and you need people to be aligned and ready to execute so that no time is lost during the process. Covision implements the Confidence Check, a mix of process and technology, polling and open-text feedback, that quickly takes the pulse of participants and lets meeting owners see what everyone is thinking in real time.

q&a icon2.png

Open Q&A

For all of the concerns and questions in the room, our moderated Q&A tool is a simple but effective way to let those issues surface. And with the moderation feature, no speaker will ever be caught off guard. Participants enter their questions into dedicated iPads or their own phones (your choice) and immediately contribute to a live discussion that furthers company objectives.

commitments icon 2.png


To get people off to a strong start after a merger, have them make commitments as to how they’re going to take what they’ve learned and make your merger successful. 


User Conferences

A user conference is a prime opportunity to host and directly communicate with your clients.

At Covision, we work with you to design deeply interactive and informative user conferences. We cover every aspect of user engagement — from session registration to live session analytics — so that you have all the information you need for your conference to be successful.

You need to impress your users with the latest products and thought leadership, deliver complicated agendas with breakout schedules, and provide networking opportunities so they can share ideas and the ways they’re using your products. For most companies that hold user conferences, this is the most important meeting of the year. Covision helps you efficiently maximize that commitment and to deliver exceptional results.


Effective User Conference Tools


Agenda with Session Sign-up

Agendas at large user conferences are complex. Participants need a way to quickly peruse the entire agenda, get detailed information, and create their own schedules. Organizers need a way to conveniently process details, sign ups, and registration information. With our robust electronic agenda, you can do all of those things and more. 


Use surveys to gather instant feedback on sessions and the event as a whole. Our question types include star rankings, multiple choice, check boxes, drop downs, open text, and more. As an organizer, you can see results in real time on your own personalized dashboard.


Incentivize people to fill out surveys, visit booths, and attend sessions with our user conference games.  Participants can earn badges by completing different tasks.

Interactive Tradeshow Floor

Use our QR code scanner as a way for participants to increase their learning at booths. With our unique tradeshow booth games, participants have the opportunity to genuinely engage at booths instead of just scanning for a passport.

Interactive Sessions

Instead of just talking at your users for three days, give them the opportunity to interact and engage with speakers using live polling and Q&A during sessions. This helps to ensure they understand and retain what you’re trying to show them.

Activity Feed

Have participants share what they’re doing and what they’re excited about with our activity feed. Participants can post their comments and photos and engage with other users via likes and replies.