Scope. Design. Deliver.

Scope & Consult

Whether for an online meeting or a large face-to-face event (they will return!), in order for us to provide our clients with the best event technology solution, we need to first understand the event and its requirements. What are organizers needing to get out of the event? What outcomes are participants looking for? We work with our clients to:

  • Identify desired outcomes

  • Discuss process & technology options

  • Help to articulate value add of technology to decision makers

  • Assist in choosing the solution that's right for you and your participants


Design & Build

Next we start to “build” the technology you’ll need to achieve your ideal outcomes. Or train your team to build it with our simple CMS. We can collaborate with your team to:

  • Brand the technology

  • Build-out the software and help with launch

  • Overall meeting design to maximize value of technology

  • Work with other vendors to ensure a seamless delivery (network, registration, etc.)



Our on-site expertise is unmatched. If you need it, we can be present at your event to manage the finer details it takes to deliver technology seamlessly. Here are some of the things we’ll provide:

  • On-site execution of process (theming, etc.)

  • On-site execution of technology (polling in plenaries, edits, etc.)

  • On-site server and network deployment


For over 20 years, Covision has led the field of designing and
producing interactive meetings. We’ve seen and heard it all. 
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