Merger Integration


Merger Integration


Over 600 vice presidents of a newly merged national bank met for three days in Dallas. As the summit began, you could cut the tension with a knife. Details of the merger were scarce up to that point and by the end of the meeting, each executive would have to sign a new employment contract, or not.

In the weeks leading up the summit, we helped each executive on the senior team adjust their presentation to allow time for participant feedback and their own response to it. In this case, it was critical to know how the participants felt about the merger and what questions they had. We lead the review of all the data, distilled themes from it, and coached the presenters toward the most thoughtful responses to the issues raised. 

When the CEO asked, “What two things can you do that will save the company money through the merger integration period?” He had 200+ responses within 10 minutes. He managed the implementation of items from that list for over a year.

By the end of the meeting, each participant’s decision about the employment contract was made much easier. Our counsel and approach enabled participants to fully understand the complex situation facing them through the series of interactive presentations. 


A new national bank was born.



Small group dialogue, theme identification, prioritization, networked laptops