New York Forum Africa


New York Forum Africa


In 2012 the first New York Forum AFRICA was held in Libreville, Gabon where over 600 business, financial, and political leaders gathered to discuss the future of the African continent and its role in the international economy.

In over 30 hours of think tanks, the group discussed key issues for the continent including: the reality of the rise of Africa, the different business models that can thrive, regional integration, natural resources, agriculture, innovation and entrepreneurship, human capital, the relationships between Africa and the US and China, the energy equation, foreign investment, security and governance imperatives, and the role of Africa’s next generation of political and business leaders and the diaspora.

Many ideas were generated and points of view were shared. From all of the input, we helped identify five key areas where concrete proposals were made: 1) Small and medium enterprises 2) Regional integration 3) Africa and the rest of the world 4) Public/private cooperation and effectiveness and 5) Sustainability.


The five proposals, in summary and in details were presented at two 2012 G20 Summits taking place within the month in Mexico. The presentations enabled world leaders to see the extraordinary opportunities to be had in partnership with Africa today.



Visioning sessions, theme identification, voting. Networked iPads, participant cell phones